RX3I Ethernet module 10/100 Mbits 2 RJ45 connections one IP address occupies one slot on system base

Part # : EMERSON IC695ETM001
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Product Description

Networks and Distributed I/O Systems The RX3i features a variety of communications options for distributed control and/or I/O. Choose
from PROFINET Controller, Ethernet EGD, PROFIBUS-DP, Genius and DeviceNet. These highperformance
communication modules are easy to install, quick to configure, and can be provided
as “in rack” solutions to reduce engineering design cycles and system complexity. In addition,
communication capabilities up to the SCADA level and down to the device (IED) level improve
connectivity, and time stamping capabilities deliver insight into operations to improve productivity
and uptime.

PACSystems RX3i Ethernet
TCP/IP 10/100Mbits, two RJ-45
ports with built-in switch

Product Specifications

  • Series: PACSystems RX3i
  • Type: Automation Controllers
  • Type: PACSystems RX3i
  • Main Category: Automation Controllers
  • Manufacturer: Emerson
  • Main Menu: Automation & Control

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