Part # : HUB CL1-A -60L-U-5K-5S-GR-WB
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Product Description

• Stylish vertically finned die-cast solid top
housing for maximum heat dissipation;
Stops collection of unsightly debris from
gathering on top of the housing
• Rugged lower die-cast aluminum heat
sink accelerates thermal management
and optimizes PCB and optical performance
• Separate optical and electrical compartment
for optimum component operation
• One piece die cut silicone gasket ensures
weather proof seal around each
individual LED for IP65 rating
• Backlight Control (BC) option available for
85% spill light reduction, doesn’t change
fixture appearance or EPA, recommended
for Type III and Type IV distributions
• Stamped bezel provides mechanical
compression to seal the optical assembly
• Complements the Hubbell Southwest
series of outdoor fixtures
• Weight - 45.0 pounds, EPA - 1.3 ft2
• Suitable for applications requiring 3G
testing prescribed by ANSI C136.31

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