The Home of Automated Solutions

Stokes Electrical primary business is to provide automation solutions for large manufacturers who may have complex production processes and require a high degree of efficiency and cost control in their production processes.

We are able to bundle the resources and products of dozens of manufacturers into a single solution that meets customer requirements and increases the ability to operate more profitably.

The Computer Revolution

Even though primitive control devices using water to fuel and regulate accurate timekeeping mechanisms were seen in ancient Egypt as early as 250 B.C., the history of modern day control systems has been largely written in the past 50 years as the invention of data processing machines laid the groundwork for the familiar computer systems we know today.

As computer use became more widespread, new ways to unleash their potential developed. As smaller computers became more powerful, they could be linked together, or networked, to share memory space, software and information, and communicate with each other. From this technological revolution, the advanced industrial automation that runs our factories was born.